UTTIA Odyssey of the Mind Wins 1st!

UTTIA Odyssey of the Mind Wins 1st!

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UTTIA Team 1st Place at Odyssey of the Mind Tournament

The UT Tyler Innovation Academy, Tyler Campus sent two groups of students to the regional Odyssey of the Mind competition in Southlake Carroll on March 21, 2015. Odyssey of the Mind is an international program requiring students to creatively solve problems from building mechanical devices to interpreting classic literature. Students then present their solutions at a regional, state, and world competition. Students started meeting in November, and spent four months developing as a team, brainstorming, and problem solving for one long PBL!

A group of 4th and 5th graders tackled the “Silent Movie” problem, and invented a pitched musical instrument from PVC pipes, composed an original song, and wrote a skit about a villainous character to showcase their instrument in a silent movie format.

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A team of 6th – 8th graders took on the “Runaway Train” vehicle challenge. They designed and built original cars to travel across five series of tracks between four stations, completing five obstacles, and creating a skit to present their solution to the judges. They built two ‘race’ cars with different propulsion systems to travel the swampy waters and muddy marsh, driving up inclines, navigating speed bumps, towing a ‘gator, and traveling over, under, and around barriers.

Both teams represented UTTIA with the great expertise and professionalism. We are very proud of their hard work, dedication to excellence, and their innovative and creative spirit. The Silent Movie team received many compliments from the judges for their creativity, invented instrument, and teamwork.  The Runaway Train team placed first at the tournament!  Their two cars completed all their tasks, and they also received many compliments on their creative solutions and teamwork.  They advanced to state and will compete again on April 11 in Houston. Good luck!

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