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Texas Teacher Residency Program

Texas Teacher Residency Program

Learn to be a Teacher through a Paid Apprentice Program

This is a perfect opportunity for new or recent graduates and career changers. We are seeking candidates who will spend a year as a intermediate/middle school (grades 3-8) or High School (7-10) Teacher Resident at the Innovation Academy as a Teacher while earning a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Eligibility Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a needed certification area
  • Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, etc.), Engineering, Computer Science, Social Sciences, History, Spanish, English, Physical Education, Kinesiology, Nursing, Communications (Contact Program Office for other area eligibility)
  • Graduate School Eligible
  • 3.0 GPA
  • 0-18 months Previous Teaching Experience in Public Schools

Benefits of the T-RES Program

  • Master of Curriculum and Instruction (tuition Free)
  • Intensive Classroom Preparation with Mentor Teachers and Instructional Coaches
  • Preparation for Texas Educator Certification
  • $30,000 Teaching Appointment (May 2016-August 2017)
  • Participation in a Community of Professional Educators


  • Commit to full immersion in the program
  • Commit to teaching for 3 Years in a Texas Public School following Program

T-RES Timeline (Program Begins May 23, 2016)

  • ASAP: Contact Dr. Michael Odell for Information, Application, and Advising
  • April 1-May 9
    • Complete Application for Program
    • Apply for Graduate School
    • Pass TExES Content Test based on your Degree and Certification Area of Interest
  • May 9: Teacher Resident Orientation
  • May –August: Begin Masters Degree Coursework Online (9-12 Credits)
  • August 1-19th: Innovation Academy New Teacher Professional Development
  • August 22: Begin Teaching at the Innovation Academy with Mentor
    • Campus Options Include: Tyler, Longview, and Palestine
  • Fall 2016 (6 Credits M.Ed Online)
  • Spring 2017 (6 Credits Online)
  • Summer 2017 Complete M.Ed. Online and Pass State Certification Pre-Professional Skills Test (TExES PPR)


Dr. Michael Odell
Phone: 903.566.7132

School of Education
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