STAAR Testing Dates- 3/28-3/30/17

STAAR Testing Dates- 3/28-3/30/17

Please see below our March STAAR testing dates including which students will be testing on which days.  The next round of STAAR testing will be in May and those dates will be given in the April calendar of events.

3/28 (Tuesday)- STAAR testing for 5th and 8th grade Math, 4th and 7th grade Writing, High School English I EOC

3/29 (Wednesday)- STAAR testing for 5th and 8th grade Reading

3/30 (Thursday)- STAAR testing for High School English II EOC

Testing Students: Please be sure to arrive at school on time, prior to 7:55 AM.  Also, please be sure that absences are only due to severe illness and/or emergency.  If a student must be absent, a parent should call the office no later than 8:15AM to report the reason.  Those students testing will not need their electronic devices or other belongings, although they may bring paper books to read after the classroom has finished testing.  No outside lunches will be allowed for testing students, they must bring a sack lunch with them when they arrive to school.  A bottle of water and small snack will be provided before lunchtime.

Non-Testing Students: Students not testing will remain in one classroom until the campus has finished with testing, but they will work on classwork for all subjects via Haiku.  Non-testing students mush bring an electronic device on the days they will not be testing.

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