Longview Gardening Club

Longview Gardening Club

Mrs. Martin’s After-School Garden Club at the Longview campus started in March and they already have seven active raised beds.

From seeds, they are growing lettuce, kale, radishes, peas, carrots, lemon cucumbers, spinach, Burris melons, and a newly planted wildflower bed. From starter plants, they are growing banana peppers, tomatoes, sage, zinnia flowers, marigolds, salvia flowers, petunias, and oxblood plants.

They will be starting pumpkin seed germination soon for the students to take home and tend to over the summer. They can bring the plants back in the fall to transplant into a planter box, if the plants do well over the summer break. The kids are working hard on their garden and look forward to planting and transplanting days!

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