IA Tyler Homecoming Week

IA Tyler Homecoming Week

The Tyler Innovation Academy will be celebrating Homecoming Week the week of October 11-14, 2016.  Themes for each day are:

  • Tuesday 10/11:  We Go Together Tuesday!  Team up with friends to dress up as things that go together (SpongeBob and Patrick, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Cory and Topanga, Beauty and the Beast etc.)
  • Wednesday 10/12:  Ready, Set, Go Patriots!  Grades 3-5 wear red, 6-8th wear yellow and 9-10th wear green.
  • Thursday 10/13:  Throwback Thursday!  Dress in garb from your favorite past decade (grunge from the 90’s, neon and side ponytails from the 80’s, bell bottoms and flower power from the 70’s etc.).
  • Friday 10/14:  School Pride Friday!  Show your school pride and wear orange, blue, and white and your garter or mum.



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