IA students take home win at the TEAMS competition

IA students take home win at the TEAMS competition

Congratulations to our winning Innovation Academy students who recently competed in a TEAMS competition! TEAMS TSA is an annual competition that gives students an opportunity to discover engineering and how knowledge in engineering can help make a difference in the world. Students work collaboratively to solve real-world engineering challenges, applying their math and science skills in practical, creative ways.

TEAMS offers:
· Exciting, theme-based academic competition
· Real-world applications of math and science
· Collaborative skill building for teams of 4 to 8 students
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The Innovation Academy had multiple teams compete in TEAMS. We are proud to announce that 2 of our teams have qualified Nationals in Orlando FL in June. The Tyler Innovation Academy lead by instructor Patty Mabry placed 1st in the state. The Longview Innovation Academy lead by Sarah Deller placed 5th in the state. We are very proud of our students and teachers!!!!! Also, this was the first year we ever competed.

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