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The Innovation Academy is a technology based school that focuses on providing students, teachers, and staff with the necessary electronic devices to learn, work, and collaborate.  We know that technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. As a result, the UT Tyler Innovation Academy does not consider itself devoted to any particular device and regularly evaluates new technologies to ensure our schools are at the cutting edge. We wish to lead the way in technology in education and our students will reap the benefits of this desire.


As a student progresses in school, we believe the technology they use should progress as well.  The end goal is to have our students be academically and technologically ready for college. To accomplish this goal we use tablet computers in the younger grades and gradually introduce more sophisticated laptop computers as the student advances.  The students use these devices both in class and outside the classroom to collaborate with other students, teachers, and administration.


It is important for our teachers to be able to work collaboratively with their students, develop curriculum, and interact with Internet based educational sites.  To do this, teachers are, at a minimum, provided with the same technologies being used by students. In addition, we also provide laptops to assist in creating the necessary materials for the students.


Our implementation of technology in the Innovation Academy allows for all involved to receive timely information in the method they find most suitable. Technology is not only in the hands of the innovators – it is all around them.

Each campus has an enterprise, wireless network so that teachers and students can collaborate. All classrooms have large screen TVs with Apple TVs attached so that anyone in the school can present materials at any time. We use a modern student information system (SIS), which allows teachers, staff, and parents to access the students’ progress at any time. This information is available 24/7 to parents from anywhere they have Internet access. We also provide a multitude of apps for the tablets – both paid and free. Teachers regularly add to their ever-expanding list of websites and applications to ensure that each student’s needs are met and multiple avenues to learning a concept are available.

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