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2017-2018 District Calendar

2017-2018 District Calendar

The UTTIA Board Members adopted our District Calendar for 2017-2018.  Please know, it is the intent of the district to maintain our current operational hours of 7:55 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. for the coming year.

However, as discussed previously, due to legislative changes defined in House Bill 2610, regarding the number of minutes students are required to attend school each day/year, our charter may be required to extend our day in 2017-2018.  This statewide law already went into effect for 2016-2017, but we were granted a one-year waiver until a final determination could be made on whether charter schools will be required to comply.  We do not know the final outcome of their decision at this time, but we must be prepared to extend the day if required.  As a result, the Board approved a second calendar, which will replace the adopted calendar in the event we must meet the requirements of the law.  Extending the day would result in a new dismissal time of 3:05 p.m. to meet the minimum requirement of 420 minutes of instruction per day.  The 430 minute days would allow us to bank minutes toward our required total of 75,600 minutes, giving us 4 additional days in our calendar to provide targeted interventions/tutorials for students who need them (while other students would be exempt from attending on those days).  These 4 days are highlighted in light blue on the alternate calendar.

In summary, the calendar listed as “ADOPTED” is the calendar we currently plan to operate under.  The calendar listed as “ALTERNATE” will be used only in the event we will no longer be eligible for a waiver for HB 2610.  We will send out notification to parents as soon as we receive word from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) on their final decision.

ADOPTED District Calendar 2017-2018

ALTERNATE District Calendar 2017-2018

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